London Gin Club

Location- The Star at Night,22,Great Chapel St.,Soho W1


The Gagit’s  on a recent visit to London visited and joined the London Gin club, the preeminent Gin Club not only in London but surely Miami.:)We enter the club at the Starry Night  Bar and pick up our membership card ,as shown , and we walk by the bar with over 130 Gins at the bar ,again shown above,as we are seated at the fully booked club.

Our server Emily, so knowledgeable and the right colored hair to match our drinks goes over the menu with us .Foodiechic  orders a Treasure Negroni, Treasure Rum Barrel Aged Gin, Campari, Vermouth , and Orange Peel, not with the Orange Peel burnt to get the Oils  as at the Nomad in New York but good anyway, again see above and I a Gimlet with Plymouth from  the 60′s so good , wish I had a Cuban Pre Castro Davidoff Dom Perignon to smoke with this winning drink.They also had a selection of Gins from the 50′s and 70′s to taste in a variety of vintage cocktails,what a rare treat.

We are going going to dinner after leaving here so Foodie passes on another drink but I try a special Gin and Tonic,with Plymouth’s Navy Strength Gin , 57%  with Fentimans Tonic in a Copa glass which enhances the botanicals and cracked ice to minimize dilution, wow perfection in G & T.

Since, we had to leave after these drinks for a dinner engagement, we missed out in some of the unique menu Gin items that many in in the bar were  enjoying; tasting menus of 4 Gins, both strict tasting and blind tasting.A 8 Gin tasting menu , a Sloe Gin tasting, and a Blend your Own Gin with 8 Botanical Distallates.And finally, fruit Gins , like Blackwood Fig flavored Gin, as well as Spring cocktails such as Sloe Gin Fizz and Gin- Fusions such as Chilli, Basil ,and Cucumber.We had to leave and thank Emily with the Purple hair , of course shown above.

Let the Truth be Told, as regular Happy Hour  participants and adventurous Gin drinkers, we hit a home run at the London Gin club. I know that the Gin craze and orginal creation drinks are starting to grow at Bars and Drink places like Broken Shaker in Miami  but not one place that specializes only in Gin,in every way shape and form, and we are glad we are now members and have tasted a few of the special creations.


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Austin Trifecta – Barley Swine

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

The first meal we have  in  the Austin Trifecta,@foodcave, Lady Laura and her brother Texas Dennis and of course Foodiechic and myself is at Barley Swine.Barley Swine is part of the Bourdain trail on No Reservations and is the creation of Chef Bryce Gilmore and is a pre-fixed menu of local products and modern and classic recipes with Wine and Beer pairings and  yes a reservation is being held for the Gagit Party.We enter this small cozy restaurant see entrance  shown above and we feel we are in Texas.

We are seated at one of the hard to get tables and our server  tells us relax order some wine or beer and she will take care of rest, even a special no garlic menu for Foodie.I see a French Malbec  on  the menu by Paul Mas and order  a  glass as shown but disappointing as was too dry ,missing the fruit that the Argentinian Malbec exhibits.However, also I spot a Turley Zinfadel at a more than reasonable price  and the bottle is on the table for all to enjoy, also shown.

The food parade now starts and  are all shown above, the first, Chicken Fried Croquette with Cavier, perfect bite , yes.,followed by Cobia crudo with Apple and kifer carbonated mousse ,real Texas flavors:). Another glass of wine and we are served a  Shitake dumpling with trout roe and soft scrambled eggs, loving it need more dumplings followed by Roasted beets with carmelized egg yolks, seaweed , and sunchoke chips , I even liked it.Here comes, Beer battered sweet potato, chevre goat cheese, tomatillo  and persimmon  sauce , flavors on flavors, followed by Mesquite pancake,bacon, squash, apple and toasted  hazelnut , all Texas.

We are out of wine and try the beer selection,a 512 Pecan Ale let us down but  the next 2 courses  did not ,Smoked Lamb Loin, pinto beans, and turnip and Fried shrimp heads with seafood fregola, pickled corn relish and grilled Okra , we could have have eaten a half dozen shrimp heads alone!!! . I  now order a bottle of Rochefort Trappists Strong Ale, I know perfect with the rest of the courses, Waygu brisket in mole glaze, sweet corn mousse with cocoa nibs and chimichurri sauce, still not a mole fan , and my favorite Stuffed quail , cornbread stuffing,blue cheese and khorabi puree,pecan corn bread crumble , wowwwwwww.

We are stuffed but dessert is coming with French Press coffee served by our lovely server  and a few glasses of Port,Peanut butter mousse, apple sorbet, brioche , powdered caramel and pumpkin custard , aerated milk chocolate,mint gel. One more taste ,Roobis Red tea in liquid form  to clean our palates,the meal is now over!!!

Let the Truth be Told,I have been to Oxheart and Underbelly in Houston but Barley Swine in Austin is the clear winner , not only in originality, service, great recipes , perfect atmosphere and at $60 per person  for the   tasting menu ,a gift from the food Gods. Hurry, it might not last forever!!!

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Austin Trifecta- Uchi

The last meal in the Trifecta was Uchi, after our meat overload at Franklins ,Sushi was perfect to complete our turf and surf day :) We enter Uchi with the sign out front so we know we are in right restaurant :) As we enter the restaurant , we feel we could be in any major city in United States with an upscale sophisticated atmosphere unlike the pure Texas of Franklins. Foodcave reminded me this is one of the top 10 or better Sushi restaurants in US.Chef Tyson Cole was best Chef in 2011, who combines local ingredients with seafood flown in from Tsukii market in Tokyo daily.
Uchi , like most restaurants in Austin, offer only Beer and Wine, and in Uchi of course Sake that we start the night off as shown as well as all courses we enjoyed this night.As our first bite a real standard Shishito Age, no hot ones in this bunch but lots of flavor.We follow the peppers with a Sea Bass crudo, and I enjoy some Miso Soup on this cold night. At this point, Foodcave and I are served a favorite Kushi Oysters ,a squeeze of graprfruit and Cilantro.We down these in a flash and Foodcave doubledowns.
It is time for the girls and Dennis to join,Foodie orders a scallop sushi with foie , of course and a spicy tuna roll. I had to try a couple of bites of Sushi flown in from Tokyo and see Kissyface and Yellowtail from the Japanese market. The pace now picks up,crunchy grilled cauliflower, Yokai Berry with Atlantic Salmon,a Zero Zen Roll, with Foodcaves chopsticks as a photobomb. The finale baby grilled Octopus skewers , too chewy for me and then a Spider Roll with flavors that were sensational.
Dessert time , this is Texas Dennis’s favorite time so we give in and help him finish the desserts,jizake creme caramel , brown butter sorbet and ginger and peanut butter semifredo ,apple-miso sorbet , and we finished them both:)
Let the Truth be Told, Uchi lived up to my expectations but not the driving force to come to Austin for, this honor so far can only go to Franklins BBQ!!!

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Franklin BBQ

DSC00447 DSC00450unnamed

The Gagit’s had planned a trip to Austin for a Foodie trip a few times on the way to Houston but have always cancelled, not this time. We are joined by our special Foodie friends, @foodcave,Harold , Lady Laura and her brother Texas Dennis.The trip although includes other restaurants the main event is the Temple of BBQ ,Franklins.We have reservations at  the other restaurants but Franklins is Black Friday every day get in line early or sold out. Harold and I  are up early on this cold rainy Saturday morning and are 22nd in line at 9:00am at the shrine , see sign above.The group next to us are nice enough to have an extra chair for me and a hat that I forgot to bring, ready now for the 2 hour wait.
Harold, at this time, goes down the street gets coffee and a Bacon and Egg Taco for us as we wait,thank you Harold , the rains came just as he returns but we under the patio so keeping dry. 11:00am , and we are joined by Foodiechic Laura , and Dennis just as the door opens and join us for the inside line to order,and see the video below to relieve our experience. We are now in front of the master meat cutter Fiori shown here holding up the Brisket that separates Franklin from all other BBQ and a video below of him cutting the sausage, worth watching.
Foodie and I order the mixed plate,brisket, ribs, extra sausage,pinto beans , potato salad ,shown above ,and all this for $16.00.We also get an order of Bourbon Banana Pie and Pecan Pie , in case we are still hungry :)
We sit down and start eating ,the Brisket so tender juicy that I ate with my hands, the flavors that were worth waiting for, the Ribs a little to smokey for me , but the rest of the group called delicious,the sausage , a real treat as were the spicy Pinto Beans ,no room for the Potato salad , all washed down with local Beer on draft.We finish with the Banana Bourbon Pie and we have joined Nobu and all the foodies who have waited and have eaten at the BBQ shrine.
Let the Truth Be Told, was it worth it , yes, was the Brisket one of the all time Foodie Bucket List musts, yes , was it worth doing again ? try it and you decide.

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Antica Corte Pallavicini

Location-Strada del PalazzoDue Torri, 3,43010 Polesine Parmenense Pr Italy- Thank you GPS!


The Gagit’s are following the Bourdain Trail and @docsconz trail:)today we visit Antica corte Pallavacini one of the most well done, high end curing places.We not only have dinner here , visit the farm, and curing cellar but stay in this castle from the 1300′s ,restored by the  Pallavicino family in 1990 including the old cheese maturing room and the cellars are now  full of culatelli again.

After following the Bourdain trail through turns and more turns we arrive at the courtyard and a greeted by the mascot of the farm, as shown above , the Pig.We are greeted and shown to our room by the most professional man of the house  , Zeno. He tells us that when we come down for dinner he will show us the Farmhouse Cellars.We stayed in the The Room of the Dukes , where in 1447,Bianca daughter of Duke Filippo  Maria Visconi  and Count Sforza  stayed in the room,fit for a Duke.We refresh in this classic room and come down for dinner, first with Negroni’s and then led by Zeno to the cellars.

We enter the Cellars of the Corte built in 1320 by the marquesses of Pallavicina for storing the  Parmagino cheese as shown above and the Culatello, pictures include the room as well as specific Culatello, for Armani , Bulgari, but no Gagit,darn. Zeno then leads up stairs to the main dinning room as shown.We have our own menus as shown, as well as the wine list list to start with a bottle of Tignanello 2010 for our first course the Culatello,all shown ,26 month from the More Romagnola breed ,30 month old from the Cinta Senese breed,and the 37th month aged culatello from Black Pig breed served with homemade prepared mix vegetables from the Court. The winner without question the 37 year old Black Pig breed as shown in all its tasty splendor.

The next course we both have the Parma style tortelli stuffed with ricotta and spinach dressed with butter sauce from red cows, beautiful pasta course,as shown. The next course,  Cereals and Parmigiano-Reggiano crust soup with chicories, not a choice I would make again, more lunch flavors than dinner. Our mains are now served, I have the Frog’s legs with sweet garlic and parsley served on a bed of Zucchini, nice flavors but to strong on the garlic to appreciate the Frogs Legs. Foodie had the dish of the night,White Ox Steak stuffed with mushrooms and tosone cheese, just a great dish for this setting.

I now have the Cheese board,local breeds of cows, sheep, and goats milk cheeses, a nice ending since we really were not impressed by the Desserts tonight.We then go outside , I light up a cigar as we finish a bottle a bottle of Antinori, Guardo Al Tesso Bolgheri Superiore 2009 , a member of the Tignanello family and a nice recommendation of the Sommelier.The chef  Massimo Spigaroli  now joins us for a drink of wine and a smile,Grazi Chef.

Let the Truth be Told a visit to Antica Orte Pallavicini is a must in a trip to Emilia-Romagna, Italy. However the trip should not be made for only a dinner but to stay in the castle overnight,visit the Cellars and the farm ,and most of all enjoy the countryside of old Italy.In addition, enjoy that 37 year old Black Pig for it is truly the queen of Culatello!!!

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Osteria Francescana


Location -Via Stella 22,Modena, Italy


El Bulli, Noma, Fat Duck all Number 1 Restaurants in the World visited by the Gagit’s, Osteria  Francescana , currently Number 3, is tonight’s visit,how does it fit in our  restaurant experiences? We arrive at Osteria Fransescana , exactly 6 months  after I made the reservation, this was a meal  I really anticipated for I could almost taste the pasta  before we arrived reading many rave  critic  reviews on Osteria . Foodiechic is  now at the door as shown in the picture above, we have arrived !!!

We enter this 5 table restaurant and are one of the 13 lucky patrons of the night, see picture above of Foodiechic at our table in anticipation for the night. We are seated and  as we study the menu , the Maestro , Massimo Bottura  comes out  introduces himself and asks about our desires for the night. This is such a rare treat and one that my virtual friend,@docsconz describes in his review  that his presence adds extra magic to the night, how true this statement is in truth. I ask the Chef if we  would  get a tasting menu of many pastas and he agrees to do this with many level of flavors building up to a crescendo  in the last course.We are ready !!!

We are now served  a selection of bread and grissini with olive oil that even I had to at least taste,all shown above as all the dishes  served this night are shown. We also order the wine tasting menu which I will list at the end of the review.We  are served our first dish, aptly named by the imaginative  Chef, ice cream sandwich, or Aulla in frozen Carpione, delicious  local fish   spread on a wafer and  with this ,Macaroon with Oyster filling and Macaroon filling, tasty bites to say the least.

Our first course and a surprise of flavors ,Baccala Mare Nostrum,lightly cooked Bacala with granita elements, green olive zibibbo vinegar,emulsion of  Sicilian olive oil,bread crumbs and green tomato,wow what a way to start the meal, flavor  upon flavor ,upon flavor. This dish was followed by a more subtle  flavor dish but a work of art,Open ravioli of root vegetables filled with red shrimp and mantis shrimp in clarified tomato puree.

The pasta parade now begins with Guitar String pasta cooked in burned calamari broth,with Fines de Clair Oysters and topped with lightly smoked cavier. Foodiechic and I both were totally amazed at the taste of this pasta , the texure , the flavors, the presentation, how can the Chef top this we ask?The next pasta course, Spaghetti  with pesto of anchovies,capers,pine nuts,lemon zest and anchovy juice,so different from the last dish but just as enjoyable.And , next what the Chef aptly  calls, “if French chefs  where to make  pasta in Italy” Ravioli with leeks ,foie gras and truffles , just see picture no comment needed.

At this point we were served a local  limited edition Italian Beer from Bologna made  for charity,Beltaine Beer with smoked chestnut and juniper ,taste to match the  pastas. The pasta parade continues , Modenese Tortellini in cream of Parmigeano Reggiano, a marraige of Pasta and the creaminess of the cheese from Modena.And next ,Tagliatelle with Ragu,made from pork sausage,cheek,tail, pork belly beaten and thickened with bone marrow, the timeless classic that is a Massimo Bottura masterpiece.

The chef now comes over to the table to see if we are through, the answer no, he is thinking as he rushes back to the kitchen for one more pasta. He comes back and tells us about a  future trip he is making to Peru and has created the final dish with this as the inspiration,potato spaghetti Mediterranean style  breaking  the boundry between  savoury and sweet, coffee, tomatoes ,cheese, basil served cold with all the flavors coming through,bravo Chef, no more!!!

We are now served a pre- dessert, Sorbetto of saba finished Maracshe, the cherry flavor so refreshing after all the pasta dishes. The dessert itself, another chef storied creation,Oops! I dropped the lemon pie, again the picture tells the whole story.I now need a Grappa, and the 20 year old Barolo is so perfect to end the night with the petit fours with  the chocolate-curry truffle my favorite ,slightly over the sweet and sour rasberry marshmellow both perfect with my machiatto.

Let the Truth be Told,  A Number 1 or  Number 3 rating in World’s Best Restaurants , does not reflect an experience and our night at Osteria Fransecana was truly a number 1 experience. The interaction with a Chef and personality like Massimo Bottura who reflects the passion of his work, whether its art , music  or in this case food is hard to quantify  or rate but on this night it was easy , number 1. Thank you Chef for making it a number 1 experience for myself and Foodiechic,as shown in the last picture above.

The wines we drank that night are listed below :

Malvasia 2012,Raccaro , the only white,Sp68 Rosso 2011 Arianna Occhipinti, Sangiovese 2009 Redinoce, Barbera La Locomotiva 2008 Massa GLOCAL ,Sangiovese 2005 Valturio, Beltaine beer smoked chestnut and juniper.











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Restaurante Mero Toro

Location-Av.Amsterdam,204 , Mexico City,Mexico

Cuisine- Baja ,Surf and Turf

Another trip to Mexico  City for Gagit with Juan Mendoza ,where to eat?The first answer from @docsconz , Mero Toro so that is the answer this night.The Chefs are the friendly , fun chefs from the seafood eatery Contramar, Gabriela Camara and Jair  Tellez let loose into a  Surf and Turf  mode.

We start out on National Tequila Day with a shot of Maestro Doebel Diamante, with all the fixins as shown, Salud. I had hoped to start with  a Surf dish, the grilled Pacific  Prawns that @docsconz showed in his blog but no  Prawns tonight so we start with two Surf dishes,Clams with Beets,Betabel horneado con pepino,aquate,y borscht ligero ,sorry Chef would prefer this warm and Tuna Ceviche,Ceviche de atun con aquate,pepino,toronja y naranja agria , fresh tuna and vegetables marinated to perfection and more what I expected at Mero Toro.

Surf over we now start our Turf courses with another shot of Tequila, Salud again.The first turf  dish we tried Risotto with Bone Marrow in Red Wine,Risotto de tuentano con res braesada y vino tinto, creamy Risotto with  luscious pieces of Bone Marrow , flavors upon  luscious flavors . We  followed the Risotto with a delicious piece of Pork, Codero crujiente con pure de poro y salsa martajada, crispy skin on the outside , tender and juicy inside . Another shot of Tequila and our final Turf course arrives,this time  Spanish Iberico Pig cheek ,Credo iberico horneado con pure de cebolla,nabos y acelgas salteadas,the cheeks served on a bed of lentils and a poached egg , Baja cuisine at its best and my favorite dish of the night.

I was not really interested in dessert but after three meat courses, Juan Mendoza needed to cleanse his palatte, so we ordered  the Panna Cotta, pannacotta de yogurt con hulo,fresas maceradas y romate de arbol, the panna cotta served with yogurt and fruit ,a refreshing taste after the Turf courses and yes a shot of Mexcal to finish the meal, salud.

Let the Truth be Told, Gagit always follows the @docsconz trail and is never disappointed.At Mero Toro  glad I listened , except of course for the Prawns that were not offered this night.This  of course only gives me a chance to revisit Mero Toro.:)


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Pizzeria Oceano

Location-201 E.Ocean Avenue, Lantana, Fl

Cuisine -PIZZA

Finally, the Gagit’s arrive at  the Pizzeria with Brooklyn Boy and Russian Girl after reading about  it time and again by @TheChowfather,@Gourmandi, @frodnesor and others.We arrive at 5:30pm , and get the last  4 top ,we have made it.We are ready to taste what all the talk is about it,  its only Pizza but at the home of the Pizza God,only his way. We are so ready but need a drink, beer is King here and I have the Darkest Beer of all, Old Engine Oil from Harviestoun, Scotland, a chocolate malt beer with bite,shown above.Foodiechic, has an   English Ale and Russian Girl  goes American with a Narraganssett.We order the starters but the waitress says order the Pizza too  for they are made to order and takes time ,for once we listen.

I am really impressed by tonight’s starters, Chicken liver schmear, chickens livers  of course,onion, fennel on Baquette  and Noodles with baby Shrimp with a Aoli sauce,both shown.

Foodiechic also adds a  Heirloom Tomato, Melon salad  with Grape vinegar and  all three are finished just as the Pizza arrive. We then start  with the basic Pizza ,house made Mozzarella,olive oil, Pecarino Romano,Tomato sauce and  fresh fresh fresh Basil made on the wood burning oven with a thin crust , charred at the edge and made to devour. Its all about the crust and it  lives up to the reviews and my expectations , thin and tasty.

One more Pizza coming with another round of drinks, this time  I have a Pear English Cider ,Williams, refreshing and not as filling as the dark Beer.The Pizza, spring Rabb,olives,Pecorino Romano, and Lemon, this was the star of the night and it is shown above and at the end finished.

We are full but need to try the Peach Shortcake, our first mistake of the night ,not really the consistency or flavors we were expecting but nothing to diminish the rest of the meal.

Let the Truth be Told, was it worth the drive, yes, was it worth the price, not cheap, yes was it worth another visit , yes  and I will be thinking about Pizzeria Oceano  whenever I think of Pizza in Miami or South Florida , too bad its in Latana and not Aventura:)




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Sushi Samba Coral Gables

location- 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, Fl

Cuisine-Peruvian, Brazilian, Japanese

This is not a review but a thank you to all our friends at Sushi Samba , Sugarcanerawbar , and Duck and Waffle who let the Gagit’s share  in this restaurant opening experience, it rocked.At the bar at the huge Colonnade space waiting for Foodiechic and friend Norman ,  Gagit needs a Hendrick’s,this is the place. In fact , Hendrick’s 4 ways here and we tried them all as shown above,my own creation, Hendrick’s splash tonic Schwepps , Shiso Leaf and Cucumber , smooth, followed by Cucumber,Ramba Samba, and then more than one Hendrick’s Mojito.  Hendrick’s on parade, this place is ahead of the pack in Gin drinks, the now drink.

We are seated at our table as we need food to go with these drinks, and our Peruvian, Brazilian, Japanese server  Nikko  starts the food  extravaganza ,all shown, first  our Sugarcane favorite, Shisito Peppers,sea salt and lemon on the Robata watch out for the hot one, oops sorry Norman.

We now try the Waygu Beef Gyoza, gulped down so fast need  another order as we savor the flavors with the Kabocha Puree and the su-shoya dipping sauce. Our server suggests the crispy Lobster Taquitos , lemongrass and hearts of palm, too embarrassed  to order another order but thinking of it :) as we are served the Tuna Tataki, white asperagus,avacado,tatsoi and crispy garlic  citrus soy.

Another Foodiechic  favorite , Bone Marrow ,shallot flat bread shiso butter ,yamamomo Jam, lots of of it and all gone really fast. My favorite dish next recommended by Matt, the Madagasgar Shrimp ,yozu sauce on the Robata ,the best taste sensation I have had to one of my all time favorites Ossau from Gaudelope served at the  Bar de la Mer   St Marten .

As we wait for our main we eat  our server recommened  Sushi Samba Roll, Lobster ,avacado, red jalepeno,spicy Japanese rice cracker,key lime mayo and all gone in a Sushi  Samba moment.Our main now arrives even though we are almost comatose from eating and Mojito’s we finish off the Churassco Rio Grande,ribeye , hanger steak ,and chorizo with all the fixins and really made all gone by the three of us.

Dessert , you have to be  kidding but our server twisted our arms , Chocolate Banana Cake , plantain chips, maple syrup and vanilla rum ice cream and of course Red Chocolate Chili Peppers , peruvian chili mousse, red pepper tuille,rasberry red pepper sorbet and chocolate  crumble. I have my usual Macchiato and  we thank all our hosts for our  first experience at Sushi Samba Coral  Gables but not our last. And I quote from twitter tonight, 3rd night open and packed.

Let the Truth be Told :Gagit Approved !!!!

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Location-1100 Westheimer St.,Houston, Texas

Cuisine- Houston Culture Food

The Gagit’s are back in Houston, ready to try the food of Houston at Underbelly. Underbelly  and its Chef Cris Shephard newly nominated as one of the top 10 new Chefs in America and prides itself to be the food and the culture of Houston.We had planned to be joined by x Miamian Foodies , @mango _lime and David, but with a new baby , plans are made to be broken. We will try again to meet them in November when we are back to visit.

We find the Underbelly sign and restaurant in the new cool foodie section of Montrose.We enter the restaurant through the open kitchen, shown above and introduced to our friendly server Emily, also shown. Foodiechic and I were looking forward to a real Texas drink, like J.R savors ., Bourbon and branch. No luck here, Beer and wine only, need to go to Anvil Bar before and after dinner to drink like a Texan.However, we do find some interesting Beers to start the night off,Blonde Bombshell Ale from Conroe , Texas for me and Foodiechic chooses The Old Rasputin Stout from North Coast California, I wonder why she chose this :) both shown above.

We choose three small plates  to begin the meal all with homegrown ingredients and shown above,Roasted Beets,whipped Goat Cheese, Preserved Lemon,Dill and Roasted Garlic Beet Puree that really gave the dish a zing.The next plate Texas Waygu Carpaccio, Chive Oil, Quail Egg, and local Salt, wow this meat right from the Butcher room  in back tasted Houston.The last plate we tried Gulf Oysters in Cornmeal and Kimchee Butter was the one I was looking forward to the most but it was a  total miss, the Kimchee flavor was to subtle and with the heavy coating it was something I had to send back.I now wish I tried the Goat Loin Tar Tar or other interesting  local dishes, many with Korean flavors.

In anticipation of our Big Plate, we order a 2007  Valdez Landy Zinfadel  that really delivered the taste and body we were hoping to experience. For our main Plate, we are served one of the house Specialties, the Cornmeal Crusted Pork Chop,Onion BP,and Maple Mustard  cooked and flavored to perfection, a winner and of course, pictured. .Along, with the  main, we ordered Cauliflower with a Carmelized Fish Sauce, a perfect taste combination with the Porkchop.

We must try a Texas  dessert , so we order the Vinegar Pie with Salt Brittle, sweet , sour and crunchy all in one piece. We now need a shot of my best friend, Don Julio 1942 , to wash this down , not some sweet wimpy port that they are serving.

Let the Truth be Told, I can see why Chris was selected one of the Top 10 new Chefs in America. His desire to show off the Culture and flavors of Texas with local ingredients show through the menu and the flavors. However, even though the Oyster dish was not right for me, now off the menu also,the rest of the meal certainly impressed me enough to come back again. However, I missed the drinks of Texas and on our  next trip will certainly visit The Anvil Bar next door to toast J.R. with a Bourbon and Branch.












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